Hot and fresh out the kitchen
Do you like Jewish boys because statistically they're wealthier or because you find them hotter

This is such a racist ask OMG but it’s because there’s a lot of them in my school and… so many of them are hot and rich

Straight people: a retrospective

First name:
 Alec Nickname:
 Eckie Age:
 16 for 3 years Gender:
 Male Sexual Orientation:
Gay Nationality: Random percentages of Puerto Rican Relationship status:
 Single Likes:
 Rich boys Dislikes:
 Being loved Random fact: Only jerks off to real amateur straight porn

Were done with this game

First name: Alec Nickname: Alec Chekhov Age: 17 Gender: male Sexual Orientation: gay
Nationality: saltine Relationship status: single Likes: pills Dislikes: people Random fact: Tina fey hates you



Chrystelle is honestly the most bitter loser….. She can’t accept when she’s wrong….

Now that she’s going to university she is going to get like 45 in a paper and her lecturer will ask her “chrystelle where is your structure in this essay?” And she’s gonna be like “professor more importantly where is your hairline? Yikes!” And death drop out of school all the way back into the Wendy’s parking lot…

How Well Do Your Followers Know You?

Fill this out in my ask box! One point for every correct answer. Ten points total. I’ll reply with your total score!

First name:
Sexual Orientation:

Relationship status:
Random fact:


Freddie Prinze Jr. is so hot and I’m so fat

i would never go near a filthy fucking nigger like you relationship wise or sexually, your entire race disgusts me

I’m not black but you’re very rude